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A little backstory about myself, I was raised in Texas and left for college a week after my 18th birthday to wonderful Phoenix, AZ. I went through a lot in 6 years, but came out with my Bachelor's in Game Art & Design and new goals to meet. Currently I work as a freelance artist in Texas and can't wait to move on to a new city and opportunity anywhere in North America.

When I'm not at my desk cranking out artwork, you can usually find me in a hockey rink in my sacred little patch of blue ice in front of the net. As you may have noticed from my art, I'm a massive hockey fan and I love playing the sport as a goalie. Many artists use their networks out of school to find work and it was the same for me. I carved a little niche out for myself working as many freelance jobs and projects I could get in the hockey world. From Rec Leagues to Pro Coaches, any project that combines my two greatest passions of art and hockey makes work fun!

If I'm not working or at the rink, I like to nerd out or get out. I'm an avid collector and preserver of animation cels and artwork. It's a really unique hobby finding handdrawn production art and vintage cels from American and Japanese cartoons and movies. It's a very unreal feeling to actually be holding a frame of those shows you've watched and literally be feeling that nostalgia in your hands. If you're interested in learning more about cels or viewing my personal collection of artwork, please visit my external cel gallery at LaGrange Point 0 - Rubberslug Gallery.

Other than cel collecting, I'm also an avid Gunpla builder. The art of building a detailed plastic model out of hundreds of pieces, then painting and customizing your model to make it uniquely beautiful naturally led me to doing the same thing in a digital medium as a 3D artist. A few more random tidbits about me, I'm a huge Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan, so my knowledge of obscure & terrible films is extensive! I also love fishing, hiking, and the outdoors in general. Sometimes the best pixels are created from enjoying the beauty of the non-pixelated world.

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