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2011 Art Institute of Phoenix Graduation Demo Reel

2011 Art Institute of Phoenix Team Production UDK Level Design Reel

Our Team Production final, 6 other Game Art students and myself created a steampunk style train station. I had joined the team at the start of the 2nd of 3 classes, as the team had lost a previous member. My primary contributions to the level were numerous texture and material assets (most notably the floor tiles, pillars, and particle effects) and unifying our base materials and textures libraries in order to make all the individual pieces mesh and complement each other in order for the level's mood and tone to be unified. I also modeled and textured several assets that didn't make it into the final cut of the level, but were used as the prototypes for final pieces such as the windows and ticket booth.

The team consisted of myself and these 6 other amazing artists:

Stephanie Langwell :
Jessica Miller :
Roman Campbell :
Renee Nejo :
Adrian Haden :
Andrew Baker :

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